b'NANTUCKET PARTNERSHIP FOR CHILDRENWINTERISSUE 2020MESSAGE FROM NNS HEAD OF SCHOOL & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE NANTUCKET PARTNERSHIP FOR CHILDRENAs we prepared forand we are so thankful that you feel a strong commitment the publication of thisto making sure that children on Nantucket create meaningful Quarterboard, I found myselfmemories, develop strong skills, and find understanding primarily reflecting on thethrough their connection with with the Nantucket New School people I have met sinceand Strong Wings Adventure School.my family has relocated toCurrently, the Nantucket Partnership for Children is developing the island. I have scrolleda strategic plan that will shape the future of Strong Wings and through the list of names in this publication, and I repeatedlythe Nantucket New School. The plan will focus on meeting considered the trust, commitment, and support that each namethe needs of a diverse island, strengthening partnerships, represents to the Nantucket Partnership for Children (NPC). Themaintaining programmatic excellence, promoting a family-organization of NPC oversees the programs of Strong Wingscentered organization, and solidifying long term sustainability. Adventure School and the Nantucket New School, and while IAs this plan develops, we will be looking for input from all our attended everything from Strong Wings events to the Nantucketconstituencies in order to make sure that NPC meets the needs New Schools Harvest Bash, I have been overwhelmed by thisof our children, families, and friends of the organization.communitys commitment to children. NPC and its supporters are clearly putting children first and providing resources andAs I further reflect on the people I have met since arriving experiences that allow children to thrive, grow, and learn onat NPC, I would be negligent not to mention the amazing Nantucket all year round. Without your support, the childrenfaculty, staff, and counselorsthat make this incredible who NPC serves would be having a much different experience,continued on pg 15RE-ACCREDITATION BRINGS HIGH MARKS FOR NNSDuring the winter of 2019, Nantucketis considered by many to be the mostteam then spent four in-depth days on New School (NNS) proudly earned anrigorous accrediting organization in thecampus. NPC Executive Director Todd acclaimed 10 year re-accreditation withindependent school world. Eveleth, who has worked on AISNE the Association of Independent SchoolsFaculty, staff, and the Nantucketaccreditations at his past two schools in New England (AISNE), sharing rankPartnership for Children (NPC) Boardchairing self studies committees and with a number of top New Englandof Trustees spent two years preparing aserving as the lead writer, says intense independent elementary and secondarySelf-Study report for the lengthy re- and thorough institutional reflection schools.NNS is the only school onaccreditation process.A visiting AISNEis meant to clearly guide continuous Nantucket accredited by AISNE, whichimprovement. Eveleth feels the Self-Study continued on pg 15'