Head's Letter

Mr. Flynn broke his chin

Head’s Letter 3/17/2017

Dear NNS Families,

The first week back from a long break is always tough, but the fact that we got hit with daylight savings, and a brutal reminder from Mother Nature that the weather in March is never fun, seemed like adding insult to injury!  While we may not have had a ton of fun outside, inside we had a blast and had visitors almost everyday this week.

On Tuesday we held our annual Pi Day contest to see which students could recite the most numbers of pi.  We narrowed the field in class on Monday, and had two finalists from each grade compete on Tuesday (3.14).  The top three students from lower and upper schools took home a yummy pie.  Congratulations to our winners!

Wednesday brought the start of the engineering unit in Kindergarten and Seth from the Linda Loring Nature Foundation helped us elevate a marshmallow with spaghetti.  I can’t wait until Kindergarten builds bridges between tables.

Chick looks worried!

And, since we are discussing science, make sure to mark your calendars and visit the upper school STEM-X on Tuesday next week.

On Thursday Nantucket Bank sponsored a visit from Missy Money and The Coins.  Everyone enjoyed the musical about money management and we were amazed to learn how interest could turn a $1 bill into a $5 right before our eyes!  Here Edward, Samraj, and Avalon rock out with the stars!

The busy week ended with another great morning meeting of music as Paul Connor delighted us with Irish songs and rhymes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  I think the favorite rhyme was

Mr. Flynn,

Broke his chin,

Slippin’ on a banana skin!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.



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