Head's Letter

One down, 37 to go!

Head’s Letter 9/8/2017

Dear NNS Families,

We made it, and it was easy!  The first week of school can be difficult for any number of different reasons, but due to the fact that our faculty was so well prepared, we had no issues!  As I visited each classroom on Wednesday, I was excited by the engagement of our students, and by the smiles I saw everywhere.  I even watched a parent (who will remain nameless) dancing with her arms over her head as her children ran into school.  The first day was great for everyone!

A visit to Megan’s classroom found Axel using his brain cap to maximum effect while honing his fine-motor skills.

Third grade was especially welcoming and invited me to join their class meeting while they discussed classroom rules….the new chair was very comfortable!

Matt wasted no time with the eighth grade who prepared themselves for their trip to “The Creeks” in order to replenish the aquariums in the science lab.

Kindergarten got into the action on the playground and Juliette reminded us of the importance of staying hydrated while lining-up.

All on the first day.  We also had our first fire drill of the year and the NFD was very complimentary of how quickly and orderly our students exited the building.  It may have been our fastest evacuation ever!

There is no question that this week was filled with “firsts” but I’m hopeful that we may also have a “last.”  Anyone who has parked on the Strong Wings circle after a storm knows how terribly it floods.  Barrett Enterprises began work to fix our drainage issues and the puddle you see in this picture will hopefully be the “last” you will see there!

Before we get too far into September, there are a few housekeeping items I’d like to bring to your attention:

  1. I know everyone is eager to get to school in the morning, but please do not enter classroom prior to 7:45.
  2. Students have done a great job “packing out” their trash from lunch and using reusable containers, but we did have a glass container shatter on the floor so please use metal or plastic food containers. Thank you.
  3. On Sunday, September 17th from 4-6 p.m. PONNS will sponsor our opening picnic. Everyone is encouraged to attend this relaxed community cookout that will include great food, new friends and old, and is a nice way to welcome our new families to the school.
  4. Wednesday, September 27th is the date of our Annual Meeting and Back-to-School night. The Annual Meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. and is required by the By-Laws of the Parents Cooperative of Nantucket (the official governing body of NNS and Strong Wings). Several important items will be addressed and new members of the Board will be introduced.  After the meeting you will have the opportunity to visit with teachers and learn more about your child’s classroom.  Attendance is important so please mark your calendars.
  5. If you haven’t already completed and returned your updated registration information, please make a point of getting it to Kate Olson in the office.  Thanks in advance.

Thanks for helping create such a great start to the school year and for sharing your wonderful children with us.

Have a great weekend,


Nantucket New School
15 Nobadeer Farm Road
Nantucket, MA 02554