Head's Letter

Go outside and learn!

Head’s Letter 9/15/2017

Dear NNS Families,
Two weeks down and things are running perfectly….well almost perfectly, as we discovered that our fire alarm was malfunctioning this week! It’s fixed now. Phew!

The second grade took advantage of the September weather to present their summer reading projects.

The fifth grade science class also took advantage of the season by harvesting the fruits (veggies) in the Strong Wings garden. Curren and Jack look like they’re ready to have lunch right there!

While the fifth grade enjoyed the garden, the seventh grade harvested specimens from “The Creeks.” Gillis seems to have everything under control.

It’s never too soon to start learning about how to use our library, and Megan’s Early School class were the first to check-out books.

In third grade, Alec and Lilah worked on team building skills and cooperation when completing a task.

And at Morning Meeting this morning we sang the birthday song to what seemed like half the school!

I look forward to seeing everyone that the picnic on Sunday!

Have a great weekend,


Nantucket New School
15 Nobadeer Farm Road
Nantucket, MA 02554