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Welcome Home!

Head’s Letter 8/22/2017

Dear NNS, Families,

I’m having a hard time coming to terms with it, but the signs are everywhere…school is opening soon!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to see all of you again, to welcome new faces, and to get the 2017-18 school year off on the right foot.  Though the calendar on my board still shows 15 days until we start, our entrance is in full bloom and only needs students on the path to complete the picture.

You don’t need to wait for the first day to come to school.  In fact, I want to remind everyone to return your registration forms that Kate sent on August 1st.  The sooner she has them back, the more quickly we can update our database, etc.  Thanks to those who have already returned the packet.

A lot can happen in 23 days in August on Nantucket, and we’ve seem some changes at school that you may or may not have already heard about.  Here is a snapshot for the record. Every year (with the notable exception of last summer) staffing creates anxiety and stress for most of the administration.  This summer has been one for the ages.  Never in my experience as a Head of School have I had two faculty members breach a signed employment agreement contract.  This scenario happened twice this summer.  These sudden departures caused some uneasy days however, when one door closes, another opens and I’m convinced that we are better staffed now than at any time in my tenure at NNS.  Allison Johnson is excited to start a new chapter in her professional life and will lead third grade with the aid of Liz Hilger.  Allison Johnson’s move to the second floor meant that Brenda needed an aid in first grade.  Fortunately, Hannah Johnson spent 12 weeks with the kindergarten last year during Aly’s maternity leave, and is the perfect complement to Brenda’s style in first grade.  With the abrupt opening in the Early School, Megan Solimeo and I agreed that she should move to the PK4 classroom and that Aly will stay with the small kindergarten.  We are solid all around.

The other huge change comes in the form of our new partnership with the Artists Association of Nantucket who will be directing our art program this year.  Teachers from the AAN with teach art on campus for grades K-4 while Upper School students will enjoy the expanded breadth of programming at the AAN.  Upper School parents will need to pay particular attention to this change because Art has been scheduled for the last period of the day so one day a week pick-up will occur on Amelia Dr.  Which day each class will be at the AAN is still being determined…hold tight.

Lastly, I’d like remind new families that we will have an orientation for you at 5pm on Tuesday, September 5th.  It typically runs an hour and covers topics from our mission statement to traffic flow to “who to call when”.

Go to the beach!



Nantucket New School
15 Nobadeer Farm Road
Nantucket, MA 02554