Head's Letter

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Head’s Letter 5/5/2017

Dear NNS Families,

Oh yeah, it’s May!  Though we are only five days into the month, it feels like we’ve already had a month’s worth of activity.  It started on “Daffy Weekend” when our first grade won a blue ribbon for their entry in the flower show and our perennial (no pun intended) daffodil flower contest winner, Katrina Hancock, racked-up more awards this year.  Katrina won the most awards in the children’s division and also won the Jean MacAusland Award for the Best Collection of Five Cultivars – in the adult division!  Well done Katrina!

With the daffodils in full bloom and a few days of sunshine under our belt, Upper School students and teachers took full advantage of the island and our on-campus facilities.  Seventh grade took to the high ropes elements to practice their belaying skills and balance.

The eighth grade marine science class has been working with the Town of Nantucket Natural Resources Department on the creation of a new oyster reef.  On Monday students loaded scallop shells into bags that will form the foundation of the reef.

And this morning they helped Leah Cabral and Kaitlyn Shaw inventory the animals found at the site of the new oyster reef. This data will allow researchers to determine if the installed reef improves the biodiversity of that ecosystem.

May is always a month with lots of field trips, but our students experience the world virtually as well.  On Thursday the seventh and eighth grades participated in a live webcast facilitated by the Global Nomads organization with students in New Jersey, Jordan, and Morocco. This webcast was the culmination of a month-long project focusing on the Syrian civil war and the resulting refugee crisis.  While our students learned a lot about how refugees assimilate, or not, into a society, they were shocked to learn that Snapchat, homework and body image were among the top causes of stress in the lives of the teenagers overseas.  Here the moderator of Global Nomads introduces the three schools to each other.

As if that wasn’t enough for one week, we also celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican feast

And Peyton was the first child in Early School to lose a tooth this year.  When her class came to my office so she could get her tooth box, the occasion called for fist-bump explosions for everyone!

Have a great weekend,



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