Head's Letter


Head’s Letter 5/19/2017

It’s nice that May finally started to feel more like spring than winter because, believe it or not, we only have 15 more school days until summer break.  Even though the weather hasn’t felt much to summer until this week, Chris, Claire, and TJ are in full swing at Strong Wings.  In fact, Strong Wings is offering $200 off to NNS families during the week of June 12-16.  Summer enrollment at Strong Wings has been so strong that we’ve added a new “Champions” section to meet the demand and interests of older campers.  Please call Strong Wings for more information.

NNS students are really lucky to have Strong Wings running our P.E. program as they are exposed to experiences no other students on Nantucket enjoy.  Here the seventh grade learns the basics of kiteboarding at Pocomo as part of our new collaboration with Next Level Water Sports.

Upper school students participated in the annual Rube Goldberg Team Challenge this week.  Each year teams are selected with representation from each grade level (5-8).  Past challenges have included popping a balloon, bouncing a Ping-Pong ball into a plastic cup and flipping a coin.  This year’s challenge, was to devise a Rube Goldberg machine that will knock a golf ball into the Solo cup.  As always, the more transitions, the more creative, the more complex, the better! Here is one of many different machines.

This week also marked the annual wedding of the letters “Q”&”U” in kindergarten.  Here Myles and Maeve accept gifts from the PK4 and PK3 classes.

I know I speak for Amanda Brodbeck when I say “thank you” for a great effort in selling our spring raffle tickets!  I gave out 70 new NNS Frisbee’s on Friday to students who sold at least one raffle book.  Congratulations to Mason Conrad who sold the most books and won the “human hamster ball”.  Better yet, when we did the raffle drawing at Morning Meeting, several NNS parents won packages!  Thanks again.

Have a great weekend,



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