Head's Letter

Princess Leia Day

Head’s Letter 4/7/2017

Dear NNS Families,

Just like two weeks ago, Sunday marked the start of the school week as some 30 families joined us for our second Big Friend/Little Friend dinner.  The weather was perfect and allowed us to enjoy the peace garden.  The food was pretty darn good also and there was plenty to go around!

The weather also cooperated for the fifth grade as they worked in the Strong Wings garden.  Everyone is excited for the chickens to return from their winter home on Claire’s farm.


The warmer weather means it’s time for our annual raffle ticket sale.  Every student who sells a book gets a prize and as of Wednesday, Ewen Montes and Samraj Khatri had already sold three books.  Yummy ice cream for them. Here, Grace shows us what anyone who sells 20 books will get.  How cool is that?!

If you traveled through the rotary or down Old South Rd this week I’m sure you saw our Flamingo Flocks in action.  If you would like to send a flock to a friend please contact Amanda Brodbeck or email flamingos@nantucketnewschool.org.

Everyone knows what a hassle having lice can be, and I really appreciate your efforts to keep NNS lice free.  The fifth and sixth grade girls have been great sports and have made a game of having to keep their hair up at school.  Today was Princess Leia day.

Given how much school activity we’ve had over the last two weeks, PONNS has decided to postpone our Bingo Night until Friday, April 28thAlso, be sure to mark your calendar for our One School, One Book conversation about 10 Mindful Minutes on Friday, April 21st.


Have a great weekend,




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