Head's Letter

Sunday Evening Post

Heads Letter 4/30/2017

Dear NNS Families,

Sorry for the late edition of my letter, but it has been a busy weekend for everyone, and I’m just off the boat from coaching my U11 lacrosse team.  The eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. was as fantastic as we all knew it would be, and I hope you were able to follow them through Facebook. If not, visit our Facebook page to see more pictures.

Last Friday a group parents gathered to discuss our One School, One Book – 10 Mindful Minutes.  Lori Corry and Liz Hilger did a nice job talking about how we put the book into practice through our Mindfulness curriculum.  The conversation led to ideas about how we might improve our practice at school, and I decided that our moment of reflection at Morning Meeting should be moved to the start of the meeting to bring more of an emphasis to its meaning.  We will begin this practice tomorrow.

In my experience as a Head of School I can think of only one other instance when I have had to intervene on an administrative level because a toy has become so popular that it interrupted the teaching and learning process.  The first time was during the Pokemon card craze.  This time spinners have taken over the school.  Rather than banning them all together, we will enforce a “recess only” policy.  Thanks for your understanding and support.

Finally, if you didn’t get a chance to see the first grade lead Morning Meeting last week, you can still see their great art work on display in the foyer.

Enjoy the rest of your evening,



Nantucket New School
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