Head's Letter

Sneaky Leprechauns

Head’s Letter 3/16/2018

Dear NNS Families,

I trust that everyone had a restful break and, if not, enjoyed the extra time at home that the weather provided this week.  Though we had an abbreviated week, we jumped back in with both feet.

Wednesday marked our annual “Pi Day” (3.14) celebration where students competed to see who could recite the most numbers of Pi.  Each class had an internal contest and the top two from each class competed for a yummy real pie! Ethan, Grace and Sam took first second and third place respectively in Lower School while Ellie, David and Ritadid the same in Upper School.  Congratulations to Ethan who was the all school winner and memorized 187 digits!

We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at Morning Meeting and were treated to Irish step dancing by Meghan Corcoran.  Here Liepa, Caiden, Colum, Roan, Amelia and Emmett learn a few steps.

And, the sneaking Leprechaun “Patty O’Rein” brought chaos to the first grade while they were out at recess.  What a mess!  Martha Page and the gang showed me his escape route.

In fifth grade STEM class students learned about sound waves and had to construct and insulate a box to see how well it could dampen a cellphone ring.  Stay tuned for the results.

Even though the weather this month has winter firmly stuck in our bones, warmer temperatures will be here soon, and we need to think about getting peas in the ground soon.  Join us after school today to get yours started!

Have a great weekend,


Nantucket New School
15 Nobadeer Farm Road
Nantucket, MA 02554