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Head’s Letter 11/17/2017

Dear NNS Families,

I love this time of year on Nantucket.  The temperature is still moderate, the wind isn’t that bad, and across the school children are singing about stewardship of the earth, posting art projects, and sharing reflections of thanks.  Kindergarten has been practicing thanking those who have helped them by “filling each other’s buckets.”  Each day a few new stars appear on the bulletin board thanking those who have helped across the school.

Ms. Naomi’s (PK3) class also showed their thanks for the police and the hospital with a RAK on ACK (Random Act of Kindness) visit to deliver cookies, crumb cake and croissants.

The fifth grade has been checking in (see our Facebook page) with updates from their overnight trip to the Boston MFA, aquarium, and museum of natural science.

Please remember that Grandparent/Special Friends Day is Tuesday next week.  As usual, Jake has created a great show that I know everyone will enjoy.   Grandparents and friends should plan to arrive at 10a.m. to visit classes.  We are sensitive to the fact that many families will be traveling off-island after the show so we will begin at 11a.m. sharp. The show is 45 minutes and we will dismiss directly afterward.   This a very heavily attended event and we have added additional seating by opening the Spanish room. However, seating is a challenge and we will be reserving seats in front for those who need it most.  If you have a guest who will REQUIRE reserved seating, please email me with the number of seats you will need.  Thanks.

NNS will be entering a team for the Turkey Plunge and there is still time to sign-up in the office.

Finally, we will be having our annual “NNS Stroll” on Friday, December 1st.  Our Stroll helps support Nantucket families in need and we hope students will do extra chores around the house or find another way to earn a few dollars to donate.  We believe earning the money helps strengthen the spirit of giving.

And in the spirit of giving, now is the time to participate in the Annual Fund!  Click HERE to give!

Have a great weekend,


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